Your needs

Solutions to improve competitiveness:

Ensuring the traceability and safety of its process is essential for all stakeholders in the food industry, while mechanical, IT or automation needs may differ. In this quest for speed and reliability, maintenance also helps to guarantee sustainable installations and the availability of production equipment. It is also important to reduce costs and improve working conditions for employees..

Your context

Evolution of market demands, especially with special diets (vegetarian, gluten-free, halal...) and consumer demands (organic, GMO-free...)


Adaptation to customer demand (according to seasonality, provide a quick response to orders from central purchasing groups, etc.)

Need for optimization for both of the process and its reliability or costs

Protect against the risk of physical or digital attacks

Comply with the health and safety rules specific to each business in the sector

Your challenges

Traceability: implement IT solutions that ensure product traceability, according to your process, its constraints and obligations

Flexibility and just-in-time: being able to respond to even late orders, adapt your manufacturing forecast to the order forecast, adapt to the vagaries of seasonality...

Energy monitoring: optimize your energy use in order to gain competitiveness

Cybersecurity and food defense: protect yourself against deliberate acts of vandalism, whether physical (within your plant) or digital.

Regulation (safety, hygiene standards, etc.): guarantee the quality and safety of your products and compliance with regulatory standards

Our expertises

Optimization of

agri-food processes

Food defense and industrial safety

Ultra clean and sterile process

Integration of MES software solutions

Cleaning in place

On-line instrumentation integration

Cybersecurity of industrial networks

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