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Feed and food

Animal nutrition

Segment: Agri-food industry

Location: France, Russia, United Kingdom, Poland, Canada, China, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, USA

Period: 2004 to date


Support for strategic investments in France and abroad

Construction of new modular plants and revamping of some older sites, particularly in terms of control and command.


Technical solution:

 Siemens or Rockwell PLCs (depending on the site)

Supervision Siemens WinCC or Ft View SE

Flour milling

Segment: Agri-food industry

Location: France

Period: 2015 to date


Restructuring of production automation

Revision of control command, upgrading of management principles with standardization to increase productivity.


Technical solution:

PLCs: Schneider M580 (nbr10)

Supervision: WW system platform platform

Biscuit factory

Segment: Agri-food industry

Location: France

Period: 2002 to date

Migration of the control-command system for pasta production

Renovation of the control-command system controlling all pasta preparations

Technical solution: 

Siemens PCS7 Digital Control System

Courflex recipe manager

Baby food

Segment: Agri-food industry

Location: France

Period: 2009

Upgrading of the control-command systems of the workshops

Secure and centralized supervision, realization of the library of standard objects, for powder and liquid workshops.

Technical solution:

Schneider PLC

Supervision Wonderware WSP Software Suite

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