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Complete migration of the control-command system

Customer: Solvay

Segment: Chemicals

Location: Chalampé, France

Launched in 2011 and scheduled to last for a dozen years, it is one of the largest projects launched in the French chemical industry in recent years. A major project to replace the entire control system at this huge 125-hectare site, which produces 40% of the world's demand for "Nylon salt", the base compound for the manufacture of Nylon.


Solvay has migrated the entire current control command and control system (Emerson RS3) to the Siemens PCS 7 solution. To meet this challenge, Siemens joined forces with Actemium, which contributed its know-how on migration methods and its skills in retroanalysis and system configuration.


Technical solution:

Implementation of a mixed supervision capable of controlling the RS3 system and the PCS7 system

Replacing processors

System migration

Segment: Chemicals

Location: France

Among other important investments to ensure its future, our client has undertaken the conversion of its TDI workshop into a new product manufacturing workshop: HDI.


Actemium's job was to migrate the RS3 control and command system to a Delta V Series S DCS. The project represents a volume of 6,900 hours of studies and work.


Technical solution: 

Activity: control command

Technologies used: Emerson Rosemount, System 3, Emerson Delta V series S, Modbus communication with APS Triconex and APS Siemens PCS7 (Safety Matrix)


Segment: Chemicals

Location: France

After the study of the reliability of the instrumentation at the Les Roches de Condrieu site, our client chose to replace its control system with a YOKOGAWA Centum CS system.

ACTEMIUM services:

● Feedback analysis of the existing Rosemount RS3 system

● Database configuration

● Automation, regulation, imaging

● Communication with the 8 Schneider PLCs

● Tests and commissioning

● Communication with Delta V SIS security systems

​Technical solution: 

Activity: control command

Technologies used: Emerson RS3 and Delta V, Yokogawa Centum CS

Chemical products

Segment : Chemicals

Site: France

Period: 2014 to date

Control command and M.E.S

Realization of the control command of all production installations and applications for recipe management and traceability as well as the implementation of sectionals of draw lines.

​Technical solution: 

Safety PLCs: Siemens S7 400H

Supervision: Siemens WinCC

Oil derivatives

Segment: Chemicals

Site: France

Control command and electricity of an enhanced oil recovery installation

Realization of the control command and electricity for an enhanced oil recovery installation

​Technical solution: 

PLC: Siemens S7-300

IMH: Siemens operator panel with touch screen


Segment: Chemicals

Site: France

Renovation of a building producing injectable solutions for radiology

Renovation of a production workshop with respect to pharmaceutical requirements.

Technical Solution: 

Digital control command system: Siemens PCS7

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