Oil & gas

Our solutions

Data storage on extraction platforms:


As a partner of the publisher OSISoft, we have developed expertise in the implementation of OSI PI solutions.


As a leading integrator for VINCI Energies France, we support Actemium network companies specialized in the control and command of Oil & Gas extraction units for the implementation of solutions on multiple platforms around the world, particularly on many TOTAL group sites.

Integrated security systems:


Our ability to design, build and maintain complete and autonomous control command systems allows us to offer complete solutions for the monitoring and control of gas storage units.


We are thus supporting the ANTARGAZ-FINAGAZ group for the extension for the renovation of many sites in France.

In association with Actemium FIP (specialized engineering) and Actemium Paris Piping (mechanical design), we offer turnkey solutions for the renovation of existing sites or the creation of new storage sites.


Batch production of lubricating oils and greases:

As a specialist in batch manufacturing control solutions, we have developed expertise in the control of lubricants and grease manufacturing units.


We have therefore published the verticalized business software solutions Flexbatch and GreaseBatch dedicated to the management of oil and grease production units. These solutions integrate, in addition to the automated management of manufacturing recipes and the complete traceability of the use of materials and equipment, the fully configurable management of transfers between equipment through dedicated piping or scraped pipe and manifold networks.


In partnership with the industrial integrator Leroux & Lotz Industries, we offer turnkey oil and grease production units. We have major references in this sector such as TOTAL, SHELL, EXXON, GAZPROM, REPSOL,... in many countries: Philippines, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Venezuela,...

Our expertise

Gas storage

  • Instrumented safety system

  • ATEX material

  • Overall offer via the Actemium network

Cybersecurity of industrial networks

  • Mapping of industrial networks

  • Vulnerability study

  • Network security

  • Backup of OT systems

  • Monitoring of industrial networks

  • Access management / Authentication

  • CERT / Industrial SOC / Incident Response

  • Training and awareness raising

Blending oil

  • Package offer with partners

  • GMU and LMU (lubricant and grease manufacturing unit)

  • Verticalized business management software solutions

  • Network scraped

MES Solutions OSISoft PI Specialist

  • Integration of dedicated MES process oil & gas process solutions

  • Architecture and studies

  • Deployment and integration