Our organization

Actemium Lyon Process Automation is a company of 120 employees based on 2 geographical sites in Saint Etienne and Lyon. It is the result of the merger of the historical companies COURBON SAS and SRTI.


As part of the VINCI Energies group, it is a company on a human scale that can still can rely on the solidity and values of a large group.

Our culture

As our human capital is our main asset, we attach great importance to the values we wish to share not only with our employees, but also with all our external relations (customers, suppliers, schools, etc.).


Come and share these values by joining us to build the future of Actemium Lyon Process Automation!

Our teams

At Actemium Lyon Process Automation, the high technicality of our teams is the result of:

the recruitment of diversified profiles from engineering schools and universities,

ongoing training on new technologies, tools and methods,

their constant search for new and innovative solutions to improve our offer.

The complementarity and diversity of our teams are the main factors of our performance.


The skills of everyone are implemented in a coordinated way within project groups. Computer scientists, automation engineers and electromechanics work together to ensure the success of multidisciplinary projects..

The creativity of our team dedicated to software publishing and its constant attention to customer needs are the keys to the production of software solutions that can be configured and made accessible to non-experts.

Among the support tools, we can mention in particular:

an annual career management committee

a sustained training plan that represents 4 to 5% of the wage bill depending on the year

regular individual interviews promoting dialogue and career development

a skills database

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